Our History

Charity Full Gospel Church was established and organized as a church in 1976, eventually being named Charity Church, a non denominational work. The church began it's ministry in an old chicken house that held gospel singings every friday night. The chicken house was named Barton's Tabernacle. The church members would meet at times when the singings were not taking place. After 2 years of meeting at the chicken house, 2 acres of property was purchased by the church to build on. On site prayer meetings began to be held every friday night along with plans being made to build. The building soon began to take place and in August of 1978 the first services were held at Charity Church. The history of this church, through the records written by it's members, truely indicate this ministry was built by a strong love for Jesus Christ and this community.

In 2004 the pastor and congregation made a unanamous decision to rename the church after a mighty move of the Holy Ghost power had taken place in the church. "Full Gospel" was added to Charity Church, making the new name of the ministry "Charity Full Gospel Church."

Charity Full Gospel continues to grow and the power of the Holy Spirit contines to move mightily in the church, saving souls, healing and delivering the sick and those bound by sin. Abounding in the the love of Christ.